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You can use your debit card for more than convenient purchasing power. With the California 4-H GroundSwell Visa Debit Card, you can also support your local county 4-H. This debit card donates a percentage of your spending to this important organization that teaches youth to use their Head, Heart, Hands and Health to promote overall well being via fun, engaging activities.

Ways to Support the California 4-H by Using the Debit Card

Looking for ways to maximize your contribution without increasing your spending? There are many ways to use your California 4-H GroundSwell Visa Debit Card to increase the amount of funding back to the club, including the following:

  • Use it to buy your gas, groceries and other everyday items that you would buy anyway.
  • Pay for dining out or even Doordash
  • Use your new card to pay for all your regular subscription services such as Spotify, Netflix and Hulu 
  • Transfer your automatic bill pay accounts to your new 4-H card

Whatever your level of commitment, Groundswell donates a portion of your monthly spending to the 4-H club.

It’s super satisfying to know that you can help students learn important values when they participate in club projects.

How Your Spending Helps Local 4-H Clubs

Here’s how a percentage of your purchases trickle down to local 4-H counties and clubs.

  1. Groundswell issues a customized debit card to an individual nonprofit such as the California 4-H.
  2. We offer these cards to anyone who wants to support California 4-H.
  3. Then we add up all the total purchases of all the cards and GroundsWell delivers back to The California 4-H Foundation up to 1% of all those card purchases
  4. In turn the Foundation passes 100% down to each individual county on a pro rata basis. The more cards and spending a county has the more they make!

The Benefits of Charitable Giving

Most cardholders love the feeling of helping an organization they believe in, especially since it doesn’t involve spending more money. With a quick adjustment to how you access your cash, you can instantly become a philanthropist!

Use the California 4-H GroundSwell Visa Debit Card for online purchases, everyday expenses and automatic bill pay so that every dollar you spend benefits the organization.

We make it easy to fund your card. Simply go to the GroundSwell card site and set up a recurring deposit to cover the cost of your subscriptions, bills and daily expenses. You can securely set it and forget it and use the California 4-H GroundSwell Visa Debit Card as your card of record.

About the California 4-H Foundation

Since 1913, 4-H has touched millions of Californians through club programs. Children and teenagers complete projects in agriculture, science, health and civic engagement. Adult mentors guide club members and encourage students to take on leadership roles. The California 4-H Foundation raises funds to support 4-H groups at the state level.

Through the California 4-H GroundSwell Visa Debit Card, you can become an individual fundraiser without spending extra money.