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It’s Tough Out There

It’s easy these days to look out at the world and wonder how things will ever change. The problems we face appear insurmountable, especially when our society seems so bitterly divided. And momentum is difficult to slow, even when it’s carrying us in the wrong direction.

We All Try, in Our Own Ways, to Work Around the Edges

To pitch in where we can. We shop local. We recycle. We give our time and money to the organizations and causes we believe in. But deep down we wonder if it’s actually making a difference.

Something New is Coming

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if it were possible for like-minded people to make a difference through simple, everyday actions?

What if those simple, everyday actions redirected millions of dollars away from big businesses and back towards organizations dedicated to doing good in the world?

What if those organizations suddenly had access to ongoing and never-before realized revenue streams they could leverage towards making large, lasting impacts?

If all that were true, could an ordinary person change the world? GroundSwell believes so.

Putting Money On Mission

Spending money is a simple, everyday action. We buy gas, groceries, lunch, movie tickets every day without much thought. And most of the time we use a plastic card to make those purchases.

But did you know that between your card and your bank lies a tangled network of money interests that each get a piece of your transaction?

It’s not much – a few dollars here and there – but when you’re collecting dollars off of a few hundred or a few hundred million daily transactions, those dollars turn into billions of dollars.

In 2016 alone, credit and debit cards made over $42 BILLION just on debit and credit card transactions fees alone (this doesn’t even count interest charges).

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What Does this Have to do With Me?

So what do card transaction fees have to do with changing the world? This is where GroundSwell steps in.

Our organization operates as a unique kind of financial organization that builds custom branded VISA debit card programs and collects a portion of the processing fees those cards generate.

What Makes Us so Different?

Instead of serving individuals or for-profit companies like a traditional big bank…

GroundSwell partners with nonprofit organizations dedicated to doing good.

  • We make it possible for these organizations to issue their own Visa debit cards to their dedicated supporters.
  • Those supporters, in turn, use their cards to make everyday purchases.
  • As the financial organization, GroundSwell collects a portion of those simple, everyday transactions and then returns a share of that revenue back to our partner.
  • We create ongoing, never-before realized revenue streams for our partner organizations, generated by the simple, everyday actions of their ardent supporters.

A GroundSwell is Starting

Before GroundSwell, that annual $42 billion in card transaction revenue did nothing to help the world. In fact, by enriching only a few at the expense of many, that money actually contributed to making the world much worse. 

After GroundSwell, that money can now be liberated to begin doing the impactful work our society and our world really needs.

Imagine 1,000 non-profit organizations, each with their own card program generating millions of dollars in ongoing revenue for their good causes. What kind of change could come then?

We Rise Together

By its nature, a groundswell moves to encompass everyone in its path. We believe our idea – our way of doing money better – is no different.

GroundSwell is about sharing the wealth with those who will use it best. And once that idea starts gaining momentum, it won’t be stopped because it’s carrying us all in the right direction.

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