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Card Fees Generate Huge Revenue Each Year

Every time we swipe our plastic cards, a small fee is charged. It’s not much – just a few pennies – but when those fees get multiplied millions of times over, every single day, those pennies really begin to add up. In fact last year alone, credit and debit card purchases generated more than 60 billion dollars in transaction fees. So where did that huge pot of money go? Most of it went right back to the big banks that issued those cards. GroundSwell was founded on the idea that those fees could be used to make the world a better place.

Every time a GroundSwell card is swiped, we collect part of the transaction fee. But instead of keeping those dollars to pad our bottom line, we share them with the people and organizations who are doing real good in the world. Our cards can fund clean water initiatives, wildlife preservation programs, food distribution initiatives, or any effort working towards a greater good. To learn how your organization can get involved in the GroundSwell movement, contact us today¬†and we’ll start doing good together.