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How We Do It

We’ve built a company that partners with nonprofits to create new sources of funding without cost to the organization and their supporters.

Why do we do it?

It’s simple. Nonprofits make the world a better place, and we want to fund the good. GroundSwell allows card holders to support their favorite nonprofits without changing anything in their day-to-day routine.


How does it work?

In short, we’ve partnered with Visa, and acquired our own Bank Identification Number (BIN). This allows GroundSwell to act like a bank, which means we can control who the transaction fee benefits.


How is GroundSwell different?

Unlike most banks and credit card companies, supporting nonprofits is GroundSwell’s central mission. We enable nonprofits to create a new stream of recurring revenue, and make it easy for members to support the most important causes.


What fees are there?

There are none! We believe in doing good. So, why would we charge fees?


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