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The title here is a powerful quote from Ryunosuke Akutagawa, the “Father of the Japanese short story”. It speaks to the power we have when we bond together with great purpose. Helen Keller also said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” All too often we end up trying so hard to do things by ourselves. We focus on the task at hand and work harder and harder, often seeing limited results. 

Especially right now in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. We wake up, get showered on a good day, and grab a cup of coffee, and then head 30 paces to our laptops for a day of quarantined virtual zoom hopping. We are disconnected from our co-workers and others close to us and it’s easy to feel alone.

Let’s all take a minute to remember the times of togetherness that make up such richness in our lives. Holidays, where we gather with family and friends and share heartfelt moments. Vacations, to places that break the patterns of our busy work schedule to create wonderful memories. Parties, when a simple gathering of friends can do so much to reset the sameness of our everyday lives. All these times of togetherness aren’t just fun, they are times that enrich us and build our lives.

We will get back to these times. Our current situation isn’t permanent, It’s not a life sentence for loneliness. It’s just a temporary hiccup as society resets how we can keep each other safe and healthy.

The opportunity here is to take the feeling of isolation, of distance and use it to fuel connections. Connect to not just your family, but also to friends you have not seen in a while., friends you remember from past jobs, or people from old neighborhoods where you lived. Reach out and tell people you were thinking about them. You will be amazed to find everyone is thinking and feeling the same thing!

GroundSwell started because we saw that we had the power to become a convener;, a connector of the large numbers of people who love important causes. To bring them together for the good of their cause. To help financially support in ways that weren’t about asking people for more money. And to help families with a budget-friendly debit card that would provide peace of mind, security, and rewards for using it. BSimply by bringing people together to use a simple debit card we could channel back money from the banking process to help fund the causes people cared about most. It was a Win, Win, Win for everyone!

We hope you take a minute to reach out and connect with the people you are distanced from. Reach out and share a kind word, rekindle a friendship, bring old friends close in these tough times. Together we are more than individuals, together we are a community that can accomplish great things.