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Your normal daily purchases fund nonprofit organizations doing good.

A Word From Our CEO

“Every time a debit card is used, a small fee (a percentage of the sale) is charged to the merchant. Instead of that fee going to a big bank, GroundSwell shares the processing fee with partner nonprofit organizations. Every time their supporters use a GroundSwell debit card, they are giving to their favorite nonprofit.”


Our Ambition

Debit card processing fees from consumers’ normal daily spending represent enormous revenue for credit card companies. GroundSwell shares that money with nonprofits while, at the same time, creating a company with incredible revenue potential for people who invest. The GroundSwell model benefits everyone involved:

  • Nonprofit organizations receive a new income stream that costs supporters nothing.
  • People with the GroundSwell debit card give to their favorite nonprofits in the course of normal daily spending.
  • You, the investor, can purchase future shares in GroundSwell at a discount and will also receive a GroundSwell debit card with money deposited in your account.

Key Facts

  • GroundSwell has agreements with our first three nonprofit partners, whose supporters represent more than 200,000 potential debit cards.
  • The GroundSwell iOS and Android apps are currently in beta testing.
  • We have acquired our Bank Identification Number and Visa license. We are ready to do business.
  • We have successfully negotiated contracts with key industry partners.
  • The GroundSwell business model is built to scale as more users join, with a projected value of $300 to $1200 per user.


How Does GroundSwell Acquire Customers?

Because of our unique program, GroundSwell can acquire thousands of new customers at a time.

Why is GroundSwell a Good Investment?

If GroundSwell performs to our conservative business plan over the next three years, every $1,000.00 invested could bring $7000.00 in returns.

What is GroundSwell's Competitive Advantage?

Because there aren’t that many companies sharing a significant portion of their revenue to nonprofits, we’d welcome any other company that entered this space because they’d be helping us fulfill our mission.

What is the Market Opportunity?

Between the 212 million Americans who support nonprofits and the 60 billion in transaction fees generated every year, we see a massive market potential for the GroundSwell program.

How Does an Investment Partner Make Money?

Our investors can make money by taking dividends or distributions from our profits, or you can sell your investment for a profit.


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