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Nonprofit Partners

Partner organizations can make $4-9 per member per month!
Here are some common questions about partnering with Groundswell.

What Does Groundswell Do?

GroundSwell provides funding for nonprofit organizations by sharing significant revenue streams generated by the daily purchases of their members.

How Much Will This Cost My Organization?

Because our mission is to get as much money as possible to organizations making the world a better place, we’ve eliminated all costs to you. We pay all the upfront expenses and the banking system pays you.

How Much More Work Will This Create For My Organization?

As little as possible. Typically, most of the work is in the beginning, as you provide us the assets we need to do the work. From there, it’s usually just need to provide approvals.

What Does This Mean For Our Existing Banking Accounts?

Neither the card user nor the partner organization need to change any existing banking relationships. Their current bank can be easily linked to their card and transferring funds would be just a few taps.

Are These Credit Cards?

No. This is not a credit card program. These are custom branded Visa debit cards – just like a checking account – not credit cards, so there are no credit checks, annual fees, or interest.


Interested in partnering? Send us a note!

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We are actively looking for nonprofit partners, community partners, and professionals looking to connect.

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