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GroundSwell and Orca Conservancy create a monumental Super-Pod.  Announcing a Limited-Edition #BeTheirVoice Debit Card.

GroundSwell, the Washington State-based social purpose corporation, has partnered with Orca Conservancy, the Seattle-based nonprofit organization committed to the welfare and recovery of Orcinus orca, the killer whale, and protecting the wild places on which they depend. Together, we have created a limited-edition #BeTheirVoice debit card. Proceeds from the #BeTheirVoice debit card supports Orca Conservancy’s work in recovering Chinook salmon, the primary food source of the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population that frequently inhabit the inland waters of Washington State and British Columbia.

With the new #BeTheirVoice debit card, anyone can make regular, crucial donations which will immediately go towards assisting with the recovery of the critically endangered Southern Resident killer whale population — without cost to themselves — or to Orca Conservancy.

A Monumental Super Pod 

As supporters sign up and use the #BeTheirVoice debit card, 1% of their total purchases will go towards funding vital salmon habitat restoration, which ultimately will increase the food supply needed for endangered Southern Resident killer whale population recovery.

The #BeTheirVoice card is a standard Visa debit card. There are no monthly fees, no credit check, and supporters can keep their existing bank accounts. The process is simple. Just order the card through GroundSwell and, after activating the card with the GroundSwell app, funds will load automatically onto your #BeTheirVoice card. Additionally, supporters will also then have access to exclusive rewards on dining, hotels, entertainment and **much more!

“Orca Conservancy has been fighting for the recovery of the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population since 1996,” said President, Shari Tarantino. “Continuing to expand our scientific expertise towards recovering Chinook salmon habitats are necessary to accomplish our primary mission. Having GroundSwell as a partner is a revolutionary way to fund the important work we are committed to fulfill.”  

“GroundSwell’s partnership with Orca Conservancy is important because as Pacific Northwesterners, the orcas and salmon have long been symbols for our way of life.  As a community we all have a responsibility to help save them” said GroundSwell Founder and CEO, Dan Rubano. This is core to why GroundSwell was founded in the first place; to help the community to take action on the things we care most about,” Rubano said.   

About Orca Conservancy

Orca Conservancy, founded in 1996, is a 501(c)(3) Washington State nonprofit organization working on behalf of Orcinus orca, the killer whale, and protecting the wild places on which it depends. Orca Conservancy collaborates with some of the world’s top research institutions and environmental groups to address the most critical issues now facing wild orcas. We work towards safeguarding critical habitats, advocating creative oil-spill prevention and response measures, establishing better protocols for the Navy to protect sensitive marine life, and working with whale watchers and scientists in creating effective new guidelines for wildlife encounters.

About GroundSwell

Established in 2015, GroundSwell is a FinTech social purpose corporation creating sustainable revenue models for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, to help them achieve their mission. GroundSwell aims to empower millions of people to use their everyday purchases as a force for good. To learn more, visit or follow us on your favorite social channel: 

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