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Every Non-Profit asks for money. We hear it so often we hear even when they don’t ask. And let’s face it, money can be tight at times. It never makes you feel good when you would like to send money and make a donation and you simply can’t make it happen. That’s why we built GroundSwell. 

We looked at the financial industry with the billions of dollars they handle and designed a solution that allows us to divert some of the invisible money, the “Merchant Fees” back into Non-Profits. It’s a simple concept but hugely powerful. Now you can spend on the same everyday purchase you normally make and we direct a small portion back to your local county 4-H and their programs. 

Today this is even more important because we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has all but shut down the normal face-to-face fundraising activities like fairs and banquets. With the California 4-H GroundSwell Visa Debit Card program, you can be sending a micro-donation back everyday!

Other cards offer cash back, or points, or airline miles. We don’t do that. Mostly, because we believe the cash value of those benefits are best when given as actual dollars to the 4-H where they can help fund programs, scholarships and events for the kids’ benefit.

You may be thinking the amount is too small to make a difference. If it were solely about your spending alone, you would be right. But we add up all the people who are referred and choose your county and all their spending adds up fast! So if you want more money going into your county you can tell your friends and family to get a card as well. And best of all they can be anywhere in the U.S. and still support your local county 4-H!

So start using your card everyday for everyday purchases, don’t think of it like a donation because you aren’t spending anything extra out of your pocket. And tell your friends how they can get cards and feel great supporting your kids and their 4-H life!

For a little extra boost try RoundUp

We all know what RoundUp is and we are always asked at the grocery store if we want to Round Up for a specific cause. Well now with your California 4-H GroundSwell Visa Debit Card you can supercharge your giving with every purchase. 

You simply select RoundUp when you apply and then the clerk won’t ask you to Round Up, it will happen every time. And that extra few cents gets delivered directly to 4-H and you county every month. How cool do you feel now?

RoundUp takes transactions that don’t land on an exact dollar, and automatically donates the remaining ‘pocket-change’ towards your chosen 4-H County/VMO. For example, let’s say your total purchase came to $23.70. RoundUp, ‘rounds up’ your transaction to the next dollar, and donates the 30 cent difference to your selected 4-H County/VMO. As a donation under your name, this can also count as a tax-deductible!